Boston City Hall:


May 4-12



The Plugin House is an easily assembled house made from prefabricated parts. It is a design proposition–suggesting new building technology that considers financial, social, and environmental concerns.

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During Harvard’s Arts First Festival undergraduate students - new to design and construction -                                                                                                               

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HARVARD YARD: April 26th-29th

The Plugin House will be at Harvard Yard during the Arts First Festival from April 26th-29th

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 The Plugin House will be at Boston City Hall from May 4th – 12th, 2018

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Plugin House will combine Design with Arts+Culture as an animating force, bringing activity, vibrancy and audience.

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People's Architecture Office

Beijing-based People’s Architecture Office(PAO)/People’s Industrial Design
Office(PIDO) was founded by He Zhe, James Shen and Zang Feng in 2010,
and consists of a multi-disciplinary team of architects, engineers, product
designers and urbanists. With the belief that design is for the masses the
studio focuses on social impact through design. PAO is the first architecture
practice in Asia certified as a B-Corporation and serves as a model for social
entrepreneurship. The office is located in an historic courtyard house in
the center of Beijing and functions as a laboratory for observation, testing,
and building; producing work that has been honored with numerous
international awards.