The Plugin House is an easily assembled house made from prefabricated parts. It is a design proposition–suggesting new building technology that considers financial, social, and environmental concerns. 

The Plugin House demonstrates the possibilities of smaller, more sustainable living for contemporary urban landscapes.

Cities across the US and Canada are adopting new policies that encourage home owners to build small houses in their backyards as a way of providing much needed low cost housing. Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) can generate supplemental rental income for home owners, helping to counter NIMBYism and resistance to the densification of neighborhoods. ADUs provide an alternative to the suburban expansion of cities. Through infill, new residents take advantage of existing infrastructure, public services, and community networks. While these policies are gaining momentum, the cost of building ADUs remains beyond the reach of most people.

The Plugin House can potentially cut costs in half, making ADUs an affordable housing option. 

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